Re: hypertrophy


Hey Ash,

Ahh the good old days of trying to add LBM and not playing much rugby, i had a bit of ectomorph in me so remember them well.

Just a quick Q – is this player is a forward? and a line out lifter/jumper? just wondering due to the vertical workdone on Fri back day 2 vs 1 (well i suppose BO row is vertical as well but not over head) is this your reasoning for including these movement or do you think the front pull down has benefit for adding mass compared to other pulling movements.
I always liked the rowing movements for adding mass to players and for their functionality cross over to the pitch, ripping ball, pulling a player in and gripping in the tackle etc..

Just wondered if you could explain your choice of exercises on this day – or is it simply the lad has been doing so many different rows over the last year you are mixing it up, just for this cycle.

Congrats to the player also 13kg nearly 30lbs in a year is an incredible feat he really must have worked hard and dialled in his nutrition and rest to a tee!


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