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@jamiei 1762 wrote:

Hey Ash,

I’ve been using another one of your 4 day programs for strength and size and I am looking to change it up at little. I’m currently in the same phase of not playing and looking to put on LBM. Would you use the same exercises, particularly the lower chain exercises, for an outside back needing to put on more LBM? Would any extra arm, core exercises and/or plyos (love these) be beneficial or is that going to be overworking and therefore counter productive?

Also, not sure if any of your trainees have this issue. I seem to have highly dominant glutes when performing any squatting based exercises and they are growing disproportionately large compared to the quad/hammies. Any tips on how to correct the imbalance before the jokes start flying in thick and fast?!


From experience it could be they’re not getting low enough in their squatting movements.

Narrow stance, thighs beow parrallet squats engage the quads and hammie like you wouldn’t beleive. If the trainees are struggling with ankle lfexibility allowing them to really sit down with the bar they should just stick some 10 kg disks or some 4″x2″ timber under their heels to allow them to get low.

Other than that a fat @r4e is just a sign they’re working hard! Not the end of the world though if you remember the adage- “Its not the size of the nail, its the hammer that drives it!”


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