Re: In season size program


Notes: Not that sore, dunno if its the BCAAs I started using or what
Deadlifts were crap, was expecting to do 200×4, i guess i havent done them for a while but i ended up using a weight i can RDL for the same reps !? Anybody have any ideas why? mabey just one of those days…

Deadlifts upto 120×6, 150×5, 180×1 (really struggled), 160×4 (easy),4

low box squats 145 5×5 ( interesting how much difference a few inches in height makes, my best of a 35cm box is 205kg)

Goodmorning 95 4×6 (fairly comfortable)

split squat back foot elevated ( whats a power sprinter?) 25kg dbs 3×8

pulldown abs 40kg 3×12
cabel side bends 40kg 3×12

Very disappointed with the deadlifts, have to get these back up