Re: In season size program


Power clean 3×5 at 60% 72.5 kg x5,5,5
Low box squat 112.5 x5,5 100x 5
Bench press 3×5 @ 60% 82.5 x5,5,5
Seated db ext rotation 13kg 2×12
scap push up 2×20

Misjudged the height of the box squatactual height was 33cm so with a 1rm of 45 cm of 210 1rm of 33cm is about 162 meaning 60% is 97.5kg

Whilst warming up i messed about with stance for deadlift, definatly felt strongest with hip width stance and shoulder width grip, used this stance with power cleans, but with hands a bit wider, felt great

Added a bit of shoulder work because i felt like ive neglected it for a while

otherwise good,

Feeling pretty good, have a game on saturday, so it should be interesting to see if im fully recovered for it


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