Re: It is all in the numbers

spida hunter

Great topic/thoughts. I have NO idea about any correlation between any percentages etc.. to your questions Ash, however would love to know if there is any.

I have often wondered how Poliquin came up with his %’s and numbers and how they became “Poliquin Standard”? While they may look good on paper I’ve always thought there is too much variables to have this standardized.

Sorry that I don’t offer any “real life data” with the %’s or numbers but real keen to read more about what you both find in your search.

My personal opionon hearing/learning from Poliquin was that he had %’s for everything from max reps that corralated to other lifts that corralated to %’s in food to %’s to supplements taken. That I wondered how much was “real life” to “personal conviction”. I Don’t want to sound like a Poliquin hater I’m just expressing “my opinion” from “my experiences” from “my set of eyes/beliefs/perceptions/interpretations etc..” at that point and time :rolleyes:.

Anyway, Look forward to reading more from you both,