Re: It is all in the numbers


hey Ash

the elegance of numbers – I can see your attraction.

Like you in more modern times it appears Siff and Poliquin are the main proponents in offering proportions.

I have always been interested to see how it all maps onto da vincis Vitruvian man! What happens to my lift proportions if my legs are long and my trunk short!

What about fibre typing? Neural capacity etc?
In sprinters who have a predominance of explosive speed which often is slightly disportionate to their absolute strength I have always observed a real disproportion between explosive lift ability and slower lifts – example deadlifts dont relate well to power clean – bench press doesnt relate well to jerk ..
but they are extremes of the model I am guessing

Interestingly, but probably not unexpectedely given normal population spread in all othe rphysical attributes, fast twtich fibre distribution doesnt have to be even across the body – some athletes have faster legs than arms and vice versa – wonder how that affects it as well

I would love to see how all of this fits into a mathematical model – Ash how about you make this one of your quests for us!!! I guess its going to be a complex one and I am afraid my maths stops at the linear and doesnt stretch to complex alinear models!

Thanks mate – I love the interesting thoughts