Re: Leg Hypert Without Squats


Don’t underestimate the value of bodyweight exercises, particularly single leg variations such as single leg squats off a box, high box step ups, single leg squat (touching floor in front) etc. These can still be progressed with DB’s or weight vests which allow for leg loading without the same loading on the spine as barbell squats. These can be combined into little circuits which are good in the GPP. For example, i quite often utilise this little Vern Gambetta Circuit

Squat x 20
Alt. Lunge x 10es
Step Ups or Step Up Jumps x 10es
Squat Jumps x 10

Try and get them all done within 90sec and then have 60-90sec recovery. After doing a few sets of these try telling me that they won’t get some gains in leg size!



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