Re: More Random Ideas and Thoughts …


Thanks for the kind words, and yes some time I must take a few of those points an elaborate a little on them.
I think Precovery is an interesting concept at least – everyone worries about the recovery process but very few worry about the state of the player before training/game/stressing them. So in other words (on a scale of readiness) if two athletes are at a 6 and a 4 before they train – the way they both respond to training – they might be at a scale of 4 and 2 by the end – and how they respond to the (usually the same) recovery protocol (even if it’s just a post workout shake) will be completely different. So can you not prepare an athlete to respond to training better?
As for visiting Ireland – just a note to everyone – falling in love isn’t a garauntee!!! Fitness testing is so time consuming – but you do need some markers and I’m a bit of nut with things like that and try to collect every scrap of data I can to help monitor. Monitoring is the key in my opinion.
Great qoute on the core. Though many groin injuries are attributed to weak cores – I suggest they are attributed to poor technique and imbalanced training programs – not a weak core.
The only time I use Tempo is with a beginner – after that I think it’s pointless, but for beginners I think it’s useful to prevent ballistic movements and limited ROM’s with lifts. I think you hit the nail on the head with Hypertrophy – especailly for sport – increase the sets and essentially TUT and total volumes.

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