Re: More Random Ideas and Thoughts …


I’m on a roll …. well I think so …
Might as well write the rest of them …

Using averages is not a great way to assess sport –
As someone pointed out to me once you might win your last 3 games by an combined average of 3 points and think that they were similar or good steady performances. However the winning margins might have been 1, 2 & 6 … this is very different than winning by 3, 3 & 3. Using averages or statistics can be tricky – if you want to read on it try anything by Steve Levitt.

Cortisol is Good –
Many coaches jump on a bandwagon that cortisol is so important that it must be stopped or prevented from reaching a certain level and training sessions must stop at 45 mins exactly. Cortisol is a wonderful anti-inflammatory hormone, not a poison. By suppressing it or preventing it too much you can end up with as many problems as too much. So respect it, but don’t hate it!

Coaching is an Art not a Science –
No matter how technical books and academic studies and papers try to get, science goes out the window when ‘tire meets track’ or elbow meets jaw. In other words when the pressure comes on we rely on instinct and habit and these must be trained. Players are not scientists and must be kept well away from the confusion.

You meet 5 true friends in life –
I’m not sure it’s possible to have more true friends.

Concentrate on your strengths –
But keep improving your weaknesses. You have strengths for a reason so use them on the field, however never let your weaknesses hold you back. Often you see players who over concentrate on their weaknesses and obssess with them to the degree they limit them rather than using their natural advatanges and in fact have poorer performances.

You must supplement your diet –
While I think the supplement business has a lot of hype (and even worse) surrounding it, I think there is a very worthwhile argument for supplementing with Fish Oil and a multivitamin because of the changes in our diet and especially food processing methods. After that you can look at many other things, but basic good food is the first thing to worry about.

Respect your elders –
Elders in a changing room have made many mistakes and learned from them and from more people than you have met yet. Travelling or sharing with these guys at matches or on the road can open up a mine of knowledge that can help your game no end. Experience comes with age.

Too much good is bad –
By protecting ourselves too much we can become too soft. Children now in many schools are forbidden from certain sports, kids are not allowed climb tress etc., even hops-scotch or running in playgrounds is banned now in some schools. The same parents who want these dangerous things banned then ask ‘What age is it safe to do weights or plyometrics”. Is climbing in a play ground not like weight training? Is running or hopscocth not plyometric?

You can either get the man or be like him –
Bono once said that in the US if a man sees a millionaire pass by in a big car he says “One day …I want to be like that guy” in Ireland if a man saw the same guy pass by in a big car he’d say “One … day I’ll get that guy”!! The point is that often in sport we focus on the object not the action, the man (object) not the tackle (action). Don’t be distracted by emotion.

Precovery is more important than recovery –
You heard it here first – ‘Precovery’ … My new term! 🙂 I’ve come to the conclusion that the level we are at and the state the body is at before training or stressing the body is more important than what we attempt to put into the body after we stress the body. One example is protein available at a cellular level pre-training and therefore during training is more important than trying to push it in after training as the body attempts to recover at many levels, CNS, Cellular, etc.