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If you are looking to bulk up make sure your calorie requirements are specific to you body. I reckon you need a higher level of carbs in your diet, 330g for a player 90kgs is insufficient. Here is a sheet to help you work out your individual needs (it is designed for someone looking to bulk up who is undertaking a full training program of around 1 1/2 – 2 1/2 hours a day 4-5days a week):

Calculating Daily Energy Requirements

Calculate Protein requirements (g/Kg/Bodyweight) and convert into Kcal (x4)
Grams of Protein = BW in Kgs _______________ X 2 = _______________ (Protein)
Convert into Kcal = Protein _______________ X 4 = _______________ Kcal from Protein

Calculate Carbohydrate (CHO) requirements (g/Kg/BW) and convert into Kcal (x4)
Grams of CHO = BW in Kgs _______________ X 7 = _______________ (CHO)
Convert into Kcal = CHO _______________ X 4 = _______________ Kcal from CHO

These two figures added together represent 80% of total energy. The other 20% is derived from fat, therefore:
Kcal from Protein Kcal from CHO / 80 = 1% Energy
____________________ _________________ / 80 = ____________ (1% Energy)

1% Energy X 20 = __________________ Kcal from Fat
Divide by 9 to convert to Grams of Fat (9 Kcal pre Gram of Fat)
Kcal from Fat = _______________ / 9 = _______________ (Grams of Fat)

Add all three Energy (Kcal) figures together to get Total Energy Requirement
Kcal from Protein Kcal from CHO Kcal from Fat = Total Energy
____________________ _________________ _______________ = _______________ Total Kcal Per Day

Ideally you need to be eating 7 meals a day spaced 2-3 hours apart ie. 7am Breakfast, Pre training snack, Post Training Snack, 1pm Lunch, 3.30pm Snack, 6pm Dinner, 9pm Bedtime Snack.

Make sure you eat a sufficient breakfast, ie. porridge, eggs/shake, fruit etc. to ensure have have sufficient stores to draw from instead of taking energy from reserve stores which can lead to weight loss.

Best way to gain weight is moderate protien high carbs (you won’t gain any substanstial fat if you are traing enough, especcially with weights).

Supplement wise I would recommend:
Musashi P40 or Loaded Protien – Post Training with 2 bananas
Musashi ReActivate – Pre Training
EAS Phosphogen Elite – Pre Training
Scivation Xtend – During Training

Just remember to plan each day so you don’t find yourself stuck without enough Kcal.

I hope this helps.

Helps alot, many thanks
I had a feeling it was the carbs!! I’ll give it a go and see how we get on.