Re: Off Season Physical Preparation for the Advanced Athlete


Hey Ash,

I am a female american rugby player trying to work my way into the senior side player pool after having played 9 for both the U19’s and U23’s over the past few years. I have been following this program for the past few weeks since my season was over, and have seen great improvements – thank you so much for putting it out there!

I have modified it a bit to suit my needs, basically performing only one workout per day and skipping the tuesday/thursday conditioning, and then adding a skill session as the evening workout Mon-Frid, and a speed session on saturday. I am hoping to come out of the off-season as the fittest 9 in the country, and a wicked pass to go along with it! If you have any suggestions on things I could add that would be specifically tailored to the halfback position, I would be grateful.

I do have a couple of questions about the current program:

1) on the hill sprints, you have the sessions broken up into time frames. so…1 x 5min, 5 x 3min, etc. And then you have 1:.5 ratio walk back recovery as the rest…

Does this mean, I sprint up a hill, then walk back, and repeat for 5 minutes, and then rest before my next set? If so, what is the rest time between sets?

2) I read above that you suggest a 1min rest time for the weight training portions for your players. I had previously been taught that in looking to gain strength sometimes rest times could be stretched for up to 3 minutes. Do you ever adjust the rest for your players? I’m curious why the strict 1min.

Thanks again for providing such a great resource. Your help is greatly appreciated.