Re: Off Season Physical Preparation for the Advanced Athlete


Hey Ash

I am taking a season off after a season loaded with injuries to focus on strength, power and speed. I am 5’7, 160 lb. I have a very hard time putting on weight but my srength is decent. 1RM squat is 315, 1RM hang clean is 235, 1RM bench is weak at 265. My work has taken me away from the primary rugby area in the country but I will be returning next year. I am hoping to reenter the national sevens player fold at that time and I am trying to tailor a program appropriate for sevens.
I work full time but I am confident that I can commit the time to do all but maybe one or two morning sessions (that I will move to the weekend).
I was about to start a traditional hypertrophy, max strength, power periodization program but your training methods make much more sense. I was only made aware that traditional periodization was obsolete after reading your article.
Should I modify this program at all to fit my needs or is it fairly universal? What is the appropriate rest time?

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks Ash