Re: Off Season Physical Preparation for the Advanced Athlete


Hey Ash

Thanks for the info! I am happy I stumbled across this site because your programs are more advanced and far more comprehensive than anything I had been receiving from the national team strength and conditioning coaches!

I spent the last week getting familiar with the program and I am looking forward to getting in to it full swing this upcoming week. I would like adding some hypertrophy in to the mix right away as my size is an issue. Given this program’s schedule what would be the best way to add hypertrophy to maximize size gains.

With the weight exercises in this program that dont have %s should I be going heavy and going to failure or lightening the load a bit to concentrate on speed of movement?

Last question – I would like to add a Saturday session. Normally I get into a lactate threshold session but would this day be better served as a hypertrophy day? If so should it be Upp body, low body, full body?

Thanks again for the help – your input is greatly appreciated