Re: Off Season Set Up


Hi Ash,

I am also new to the site, and thank you also from my side for all the mind blowing info you guys post up here. I have 2 questions, the first regarding the post above. Could you please explain the rep progression of week 2 of the Metabolic group – Lower Body Strength/Upper Body Size

Upper: Week 1 – 5,4,3,2,1 x 4 Week 2 – 6/12/25 x 3 Week 3 – (7,5,3) wave x 2

If I understand correctly, the trainee will perform 6/12/25 reps and 3 sets. What is the reason for the high reo count, especially the 25 rep sets?

My second question refers to muscle size maintenance during the season. How do you ensure that the Super14 guys maintain their size and weight through the duration of the season?

Thanks for your time,

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