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Re: Off Season Weights Program – this will be individualised to meet the specific needs


Hi there, here are some examples I have been using, they origianlly come
form Alwyn Cosgrove, and are called beastly due to the configuration of
the Three 6’s, the number of the beast, from the book of the Apocalypse,
I think, 666, so 6 exercises, performed for 6 sets of 6 reps on each,
cheers, ashley

Beastly Metabolic Circuits

6 sets x 6 reps – do not put the bar down until you finish all 36 reps

Option 1: Power Clean from floor/ /Front Squat/Push Press/ Power Clean
from Hang /Bent Over Row / Romanian Dead Lift/Skip or Row 3 minutes

Option 2: Power Snatch from floor/Overhead Squat/Push Jerk Behind
Head/Combo Good Morning/Jump Squat/Power Clean from Hang/ Skip or Row 3

Option 3: Deadlift/Romanian deadlift/Bent over row/Power clean/Front
squat/Push press/Back squat/Good morning/ Skip or Row 3 minutes

Option 4: Snatch grip deadlift/Snatch pull/Upright row/Power
snatch/Reverse lunge/Push jerk/Jump squat/ Skip or Row 3 minutes

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