Re: power lifting and athletics


Hi Paul

in addition to the great advice given to you by Ash above – with sprinters and throwers we have also had good success using bands on very heavy squat days (typically using bands once every 2 weeks in the heavy workout)

we build up to 85% 1rm do 3 reps and then we add on bands to take the total to around 90-95% 1rm

do a single fast – then drop the bands and immediately do 3 more reps

we use control going down of course but let the bands pull down (no focus on eccentric movement) and then drive explosively upwards

repeat the sequence after 3 min rest

this is almost a very heavy plyometric movement – imagine jumping over a small box into a low jump bent position and driving up all while maintaining “light feet” (btw this concept of light feet is very important in protecting yourself in plyometric movements – if you having got light feet you are going too high or too hard)

it’s is clearly less stressful (joint impact wise) that an actual plyometric movement but t encourages great reactive strength

technically people talk about rate of force development (how fast you can reach your maximum genertaed force) – with sensible band training we added a massive 10% onto this in very well condiitoned athletes

our sprinters and throwers have found the addition of the heavy session band workouts great to develop first explosive movement

btw I am also A 46yo sometime sprinter (at my current weight a better thrower!!!) and I also found this a great exercise

being of an advanced age and having had several major back issues I would also strongly promote reverse hyperextensions as a mandatory part of any hip-leg workout – light for pump and recovery / heavier for strength

good luck stay fast!!!