Re: Programming for the Back Three – Part 1 of 2


Hey Ash,

Looking forward to trying the full programme next off season, as I’m in season now however how would you utilise the principles of the programme? I was thinking the following – doing one of the power sessions on the monday with core work, and doing a strength session without the heavy deadlift on the wednesday with some upper back/rotator cuff work???

What do you think of the following adaption to the programme for in season?

Power Monday

Select from the following:

1 x Olympic style movement lower body plyometric/jump exercise contrast

1 x Squat movement lower body plyometric/jump exercise contrast

1 x Upper Body Push upper body plyometric exercise contrast

1 x core i.e woodchops, barbell twists, suitcase deads etc

Use a three week progression and change exercises each 3weeks:

Week 1: 3 x 5 @ 60% max 3 x 5 reps on the contrast
Week 2: 4 x 4 @ 70% max 4 x 4 reps on the contrast
Week 3: 5 x 3 @ 80% max 5 x 3 reps on the contrast

Wednesday Strength

1 x Single leg squat variation

1 x hamstring/lower back variation

2 x Upper Body Push/Pull variations (1 x strength focus, 1 x size focus)
(1 x horizontal and 1 x vertical)

Rear Delt/Upper Back option 3 x 8 – 12

Rear Delt Flyes
Face Pulls
Seated DB Cleans/Snatch
Band Pull Aparts

I play full back 1.78m 82kg and was also wondering how/if you would use speed sessions during the season (less than 40metres), I have club training tuesday and thursday and play every saturday. I am quite happy with my size and strength so would you recommend I just concentrate on my speed and have one power and/or strength maintenance session in the gym???
As for active recovery/stretch sessions I was thinking about doing a session on friday and sunday – what do you think? I’ve got a copy of magnificent mobility which you reccomended which is great for warm ups and I was looking along the lines of using these exercises along with some light cardio and hard foam roller for recovery. I try and use the foam roller and some of the exercises everyday to keep me loose.

Any advice would be great,


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