Re: Programming for the Back Three – Part 1 of 2


Hi Andy, well if we are in game preparation, ie trials, we would be reverting to our standard week prep, which would be weights on 2 – 3 days per week, a speed session once a week and a games session once per week, the days these are offered would be altered to fit in with the coaches needs, but would look like this:

Monday: Beastly circuit or Upper Body weights, Anaerobic games

Tuesday: Speed training, Lower Body or Full Body strength

Wednesday: players day off with options as to specific needs conditioning available

Thursday: Full body power or lower power upper size/strength, short acceleration speed option

Friday: captains run

Saturday: play

Sunday: own recovery

but in saying this everything is player depandant on what they need to present on Saturday 100% ready to perform so there are many different options throughout each week, cheers, ashley