Re: Programming for the Back Three – Part 1 of 2


Mon- Field Based Session- 15 x 100m (First x10 with 25s rest, x5 x100 35s rest)
Tuesday- Full Body Development (Strength) I was going to choose a part of the olympic lift to work on such as hang clean or high pull, 1 x bilateral squat and 1 x unilateral, 1 x SLDL/Glute with x2 Upper Body S/S exercises
Wednesday- Strongman Conditioning (Field Based with me)
Thursday- Swim/Massage
Friday- 10 x 1-5 reps Power Clean with x2 accessory exercises
Saturday- Strongman Conditioning or Bodyweight Circuit (as your program)
Sunday- Swim/Massage

I am choosing this because they can’t train twice a day and limited with their time. Also, it’s more about the intensity during the sessions and not the amount of exercises they have in total.
My intention is to work on a 3 week rota but still keep the reps between 8-4 and not any lower than this.

Ash, what is your expectations for your players during xmas break- do they have a routine to follow albeit limited sessions?

Thank again!!