Re: Programs

spida hunter

I’m enjoying your “simplicity” Ash thanks for keeping it real! I’m currently doing what you wrote in an aritcile for Get strength some time ago.

5wks x5exercises x5sets x5reps (just finishing up my 5th week now 🙂

Bro, this is the first week that I haven’t felt like my a.s.s has been handed too. Okay sure, I haven’t been “under the bar” in a while with league season but come on!

How have other people responsed to this programme?
Did they “smash it” or felt like they were “being smashed”?

The squat day is the “killer”!

In saying all of that I have done most of the programme;
On Monday (Olympic lifts) just gone I only did 3 exercises my back was killing me and I was feeling a little “mentally weak” so I didn’t do the last 2 exercises.

But prior to that the last 3wks I’ve missed a couple of reps here and there with fatigue and have extended my rest a little (so I don’t have to go that dark place to get them out 🙂 but the big picture is 625reps per week and a bit grumpy with body been sore!

Sorry for long post but I’m hanging out for some insight on HOW others have responed to this training programme both in terms of results and “how” they have handled it mentally and physically?

Thanks Ash,