Re: Road to a 900KG Total



Upper day 2:

WG bench press: BARx8x2, 40×8, 60x6x2, 90×5, 120×4, 140x4x3, 132.5×4
WG incline press: 80×6, 110x4x4
Seated dumbell press: 20×8, 27×7, 35x6x3
Dumbell side lateral raise: 15x8x3
Dumbell rear lateral raise: 20x8x3

Abs: Decline oblique crunches (2 sec pause), 4 sets 10 reps

Stretching: 15 mins

Right shoulder is feeling good, I’m having to retrain myself to engage the rear delt & shoulder blade to keep my right shoulder in the correct place between reps.

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