Re: Road to a 900KG Total



Lower day 1:

Low bar squat: BARx8x2, 60x6x2, 100×5, 140×4, 180×3 ( belt), 220×2 ( 46 cent bottoms), 260×1 (straps up & 80% training wraps), 290×1 (comp wraps), 295×1
Olympic squat: 140×5, 160x5x2

Stretching: 30 mins

The first working set felt a bit easy so i bumped it to 295, probably should have bumped it to 300 in hindsight because the second set felt the same.
In saying that, this training cycle has been more about focusing on the other lifts due to a lack of improvement in those areas in my 2012 competitions.
I’m happy with the result though as i’d usually be wearing a tighter squat sort with this sort of weight.

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