Re: Road to a 900KG Total



Shoulders, Tris & Back:

Standing bar press: BARx8x2, 40×8, 60x6x2
Tricep bar press: BARx8, 40×8, 60×8, 90×5, 120x3x3
WG pull-up (bodyweight): 4 sets 7 reps
WG bar row (strict): 60×8, 90×6, 120x4x2, 100x5x2, 80×6
Ez-bar curl: 47.5x6x3

Abs: Weighted crunches (3 sec pause), 4 sets 8 reps

Stretching: 5 mins

Shoulder/tricep work was just range of motion to keep the body fresh for my final bench session. Back work was higher intensity as It’s core to all 3 lifts and I find my back recovers quickly.

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