Re: Road to a 900KG Total



Lower day 1:

I decided to skip this session due to soreness in my mid back, I had a subluxation in one of my thoracic vertebrae which was causing the muscles to freak out a bit.


Upper day 1:

WG bench press: BARx8, 40×8, 60x6x2, 90×5, 120×3, 150x3x2, 140x3x2
MG decline press: 100×5, 130×3, 140x3x4
Seated bar press: BARx8, 40×8, 60×7, 75x6x3

Abs: Weighted full crunch (3 sec pause), 5 sets 8 reps

Stretching: 25 mins

Midback feels a lot better. I’ll squat & deadlift on thursday.

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