Re: Road to a 900KG Total


National Champs 2012

Location: Dunedin
Age: 25
Weight: 113.0 kg

1st: 310, 2 whites – finished a bit far forward, got the red from the centre ref, not sure how he could see that
2nd: 325, 3 whites – good drive, felt the same as 310
3rd: 332.5, 3 whites – also felt the same as 310, 7.5k PB

I felt really strong in the squat, finished with more in the tank.

1st: 207.5, 2 reds – pressed bar forward, got 2 reds for the bar dipping
2nd: 207.5, 3 whites – straight through to lockout
2rd: 212.5, 3 whites – good drive to lockout (equal PB)

I reverted back to a bad habit that’s let me down in the last couple comps on my opener (pressed bar forward), I thankfully turned it around on my next two attempts. 212.5 was comfortable, unfortunately I didn’t get an opportunity to take a PB. I’m still happy with the result as I resolved my bad bench habit in comp and its the first comp I’ve used a Super Kat (size 52)

1st: 290, 2 whites – a bit shaky
2nd: 300, 3 reds – sat too deep, stopped just before lockout
3rd: 300, 3 whites – sat a bit higher than 2nd attempt, still a bit shaky but locked out

Disappointing result in the deadlift, I was struggling to keep warm and this had a obvious affect. It’s also time to get a new deadlift suit as the lower part of my velocity is stretched badly, as I coiled down into position the legs were sliding up so I couldn’t find a tight starting point. Onwards and upwards.

Total: 845k – 5k PB, 2nd in the 120k class

It was good to catch up with everyone and meet a few new people, there was a lot of excellent lifting across the weekend. A huge thanks to Kevin Strachan and John Strachan for helping on the day, bloody top blokes. A big thanks to GetStrength for the ongoing support.

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