Re: Road to a 900KG Total


Commonwealth & Oceania Champs 2013

Age: 26
Weight: 118.5 kg

1st: 320, 3 whites – Straight to lockout.
2nd: 337.5, 2 reds – Not quite deep enough. Weight felt good.
3rd: 350 (5k PB), 3 whites – Sunk this one a bit deeper, good drive through to lockout.

1st: 210, 3 whites – Good speed.
2nd: 217.5, 3 whites – Felt the same as the opener.
3rd: 222.5 (5k PB), 3 whites – Good speed here too, easier than expected.

1st: 300, 3 whites – Good speed.
2nd: 312.5, 3 whites – Felt grip slipping a bit in my right hand, just managed to hold on enough to get the down signal.
3rd: 320 (5k PB), 3 whites – Gripped like hell and pulled like hell. New NZ Record.

Total: 892.5k – 20k PB, 1st in the 120k class (both the Oceania & Commonwealth). 892.5 is also a new NZ Record total in the 120k class.

I’m very happy with the result. There was a bit left in the tank on each lift, especially the squat.
A big thanks to team Getstrength for the immense help on the day.

Thanks for reading my training log, I’ll be taking a break from competition so I won’t be updating this unless I decide to compete again. Cheers!

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