Hi Ash,
Love the new site. Enjoying reading all of the posts. As always I learn a lot from your contributions.

Wondered what you make of this. I have been playing around with a few ideas and have been using this once a week with work on clean and snatch individually on the other 2 days. I originally used it because I wanted to keep working on my technique for a variety of weightlifting derivatives (getting there slowly). It’s working out for me quite well. I’d love to know what you think.

12×2 Pulling variations. I start with Hang Snatch and increase the weight each set until I cant Hang snatch it any more. Then I move on to the next derivative that I can handle more weight with i.e. Power Snatch. Then I continue to load until thats stuffed and move on to the next exercise. Within the 12 sets I use:

Hang Snatch
Power Snatch
Hang Clean
Power Clean
High Pull

So a continuum from speed strength – strength Speed

at the moment it looks roughly like this…

60kgs – Hang Snatch
65kgs – Hang Snatch
70kgs – Hang Snatch
75kgs – Power Snatch
85kgs – Hang Clean
95kgs – Hang Clean
105kgs – Hang Clean/Power Clean
115kgs – Power Clean
120kgs – Power Clean (by the skin of my teeth)
125kgs – High Pull
160kgs – Deadlift (fastish)
170kgs – Deadlift (pretty bloody slow)

My aim is to improve by 2.5kgs across the board per week…

At the moment I tend to do 1x Olympic, 1 x Squat, 1x Posterior chain, 1x UB Press/Pull Superset and finish with abs. My week looks like this…

Olympic – the above
Squat – Front squat
P. Chain – RDL
Press/Pull – Bench/Bent over row

Olympic – Hang Clean/Power Clean
Squat – Back Squat
P.Chain – Good mornings
Press/Pull – Military Press/Chins

Olympic – Hang Snatch/Power Snatch
Squat – Bulgarian Split Squat
P. Chain – Single Leg RDL
Press/Pull – Incline DB Bench/Upright Row

It’s pretty challenging for me but I am progressing well using it for now, and I’m having fun. For the other exercises i’m using an accum- intens. rep range no greater than 5×5 (still love Bill Star’s big 3 programme) I’ll change it up when it stops working unless you can offer any fine tuning in the mean time?

Mate hope you are well.

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