Re: Shirt Training


Hi Scott,

Mate it sounds like you are right on track.

Just be careful cutting assistance training out to early, lots of lifters fall in to this trap, if he is recovering ok keep the assistance going right up your last work out.

My opinion is that uperbody size and conditioning plays a huge role in the bench press, and by cutting out the assistance work you are at risk of dropping size/bulk. So come the contest day things don’t feel like they did in the gym, shirts a bit looser, can’t hold yourself up on your shoulder blades etc.

With your Max effort days, alternate your max effort exercise week to week, going from a partial movement one week to a full range the next. i.e Rack Lock out to Decline BB.This will help with the shoulder issues.

Lots of ROM stretching through the chest, I found by finishing with a light D.B over extending through the lying Flyes, or a seated D.B Clean and Rotate would help. From doing loads of partial bench work you are at high risk of a shoulder impingement.

Leading up to the contest, I found the most effective max effort exercises for me were.
Reverse Band Press
2 and 4 Block Press
Rack Lockouts
Decline Bench
Chain Close Grip Bench

If he has been using the shirt for a few workouts. I would plan something along these lines. After the speed bench, I would use the shirt for 3 – 4 sets.

Week 1 – Shirt on (down to 3-4 block or 3-4 inches) 3 Top sets 3 reps
Week 2 – Shirt on (down to 2 block or 2 inches) 3 Top sets 3 reps
Week 3 – Shirt on (down to 1 block or 1 inches) 3 Top sets 3 reps
Week 4 – Shirt on (down to Chest) 3 Top sets of 2 reps
Week 5 – Shirt on (down to Chest) Starting Weight (2 top single- contest reps, paused calls etc)
Week 6 – Contest Week – Light Bench 5 days out.

*Note if you don’t have wooden blocks you can use phone books

He should be getting all reps and sets with the shirt through out these weeks, week 4 if he wants to have a crack at a training P.B for reps that would be the week.

I hope this helps,


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