Re: Shirt Training

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Hi mate, not a problem.

I will answer question 2) first, Reverse Band Bench Press is where the bands are set at the top of the rack rather than choking around the bottom of the power rack or D.B

With the B.B weight being reduced at the bottom part of the moment I feel this is a great-simulated move for the bench in a shirt.

This depends on your athlete’s recovery, plus is he just competing as a bencher or full meet powerlifter?

You will need to go into more detail on this one, what is the different’s between triceps and assistance?

1.) Would you advise a bench throw or band work explosively before putting the shirt on? Also would 3-4 sets of 4-5 reps be optimal?

Can’t say I ever did this, I just use to focus on speed bench adding chains and bands at the sharp end of the cycle. How are you finding this option? I would be keen to hear how you get on?

I did use to do plyo med ball throws at the start of the cycle the day after max effort day.