Re: Speed & Agility Training for Rugby – The Warm Up


G’day Joe

That is really great to hear. But a program means nothing without the buy in, committment and consistency of the player. So congrats to you!

Here are some ideas for your in season program. However, remember the focus must be on skill & playing. Strength & Conditioning work is a means to an end. No matter how fast or fit you are, you won’t display it in a game if you go in fatigued.

SPEED OPTION 1 – Good to use on a Thursday pre weights or on its own before a Saturday game

Repeat circuit x 3-5 with 30sec rest b/n exercises
1A. Stiff Legged Bound x 15m
1B. Sprint x 10-20m
1C. Power Skip Up x 15m
1D. Sprint x 10-20m
1E. Speed Bound
1F. Sprint x 10-20m
1G. Zig Zag Bound
1H. Sprint x 10-20m

SPEED OPTION 2 – Accel focus and use if you are feeling good earlier in the week

1A. Wall Drill 3-5 x 3-4 exchanges
1B.Walking Lunge 3-5 x 4es
1C. Scramble Out 3-5 x 10m
2A. Sled Sprint 3-5 x 10m
2B. 3pt start 3-5 x 10m
3A. Sled Sprint 3 x 20m
3B. Jog to Sprint 3 x 5 20m

SPEED OPTION 3 – Technique & rhythm focus if you are feeling beat up

2x5x60m Rhytm Runs with walk back

If you feel good, every 2-3 weeks you can add some ins and outs or longer faster sprints in one of the sessions e.g. See the max velocity session you were doing in off season. In fact any of those workouts can be subbed in for a block in season but you just have to reduce the volume depending on how you are feeling

I would keep the weights pretty simple 1-2 x week

For example
1 x leg power (olympic or loaded jump)
1 x leg strength (squat/deadlift variation)
1 x upper push/pull superset

Reps would be around 3-5 for power and 3-6 for strength. Occasional higher rep work is fine depending on how your bodyweight is going.

The running/jumping volume skills may be enough for you later in the week so in the gym you may only pick up a light jump squat (or no legs) some upper work.

Good luck for the season


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