Re: strength/power or power/strength?


Interesting points. I remember having a conversation a while back that most non-contact injuries happen when a player is fatigued and therefore why are rehab/prehab exercises not done at the end of a training session.

The argument put against this was that if athletes can’t perform exercise correctly when fresh, what hope do they have when fatigued.

Taking that point I tend to start all athletes with explosive exercises first to make sure they are done explosively when the athletes are not fatigued. I watched an interview with Buddy Morrison on elite fts a while back. He said the second you lift that barbell off the rack you are fatiguing. Therefore when squatting prior to snatch I feel you are fatiguing the muscle because of the weight (heavy) that is often involved. A good warm-up (not too hard) could be the answer to priming the muscles.

Purely a personal opinion.