Re: strength/power or power/strength?


Interesting side note on doing weaknesses first is that I remember reading that Tim Grover used do core work first in his training sessions with basketballers as most athletes bunked it off if he wrote it in at the end of a workout.
I know some people think it fatigues the core too much doing it first and this affects postiure negatively – but since I view one of the main roles of the core as being endurance I think it might have some value – especially since it might even ‘activate’ it in guys who are seated most of the time.

I guess the other consideration is too that neurally we can express speed (or the speed dimension/influence of power) best earlier in the training session.

As we fatigue we probably can still get maximum strength work done later in the training session.

However, there is still the point that Damian made that we still need to be able to express speed under fatigue – so it’s a balance.

Unlike possibly many coaches in the past I’ve been guilty of concentrating too much on speed and ‘neural efficiency’ in my training (being influenced too much by sprint training) – the end result is a very powerful and exceptionally strong athlete, but who fatigues very quickly.

(The opposite is a guy who can run all day – but has poor strength and power – so it’s a balance)

Just my tuppence worth!