Re: Testing for corrective exercise needs



My programming and exercise prescription comes from knowing my athletes exceedingly well, having coached many of them from the age of 15. This is also balanced with the the typical areas that are weak in rugby athletes, essentially rotator cuff, posterior chain strength and single leg strength. Athletes that come to me whom i do not know have undergone a basic physiotherapy screening, therefore i do not see the point of wasting more time putting them through something similar if the only aim is to tick a box.

The main aim I have with every athlete is to be able to perform an excellent back squat, an adequate power clean, ability to handle their own body-weight through chin/pull-up variations and healthy shoulder functions. Naturally there will be players who do not meet all of the criteria or whom require something more individual but that is the aim.

There is nothing wrong with having a professional athlete who you do not know perform squats with 40-60kgs or attempt a pull-up, having spoken to them first you will also have knowledge of their strengths/weakness.

Once again this is my opinion and has worked thus far for me.