Re: The Holy Grail


Hi Damian,
I have been training for some years and working as a PE teacher but only made the decision to get into this game full time recently. I was encouraged by this post because I have not been at it too long but read, watch, ask like crazy and have drawn similar conclusions. This is what I am working on at the moment (with similar rep ranges/sets that you outlined). What would you make of this?

Olympic – Power Clean
Squat – Back Squat
Posterior chain – RDL
UB Press – Bench Press
UB Pull – Bent over row
Abs x 2

Olympic – Power Snatch
Squat – Front Squat
Posterior chain – Good Mornings
UB Press – Push Press
UB Pull – Chins (not weighted yet but working on it)
Abs x 2

Olympic – Hang Clean
Squat – Bulgarian Split Squat
Posterior Chain – Single Leg RDL
UB Press – Incline DB Bench
UB Pull – Upright Row
Abs x 2

I know for a fact that this wont last forever I have been doing this for about 8 weeks now and am still making good progress and am enjoying it so plan to keep going. When the ball stops rolling I was thinking about splitting to an UB/LB/WB split but would really appreciate your advice.