Re: Training while in rehab


It looks like you already have some excellent advice from the experts available to you in this forum.

I can probably add very little – but your sport relies very heavily on dynamic power through the hips and core and you can work these areas while rehabing.

I suggest standing ab crunches with bands (fixed overhead and slightly behind you), ax movements again using bands in the same standing position.
If you can comfortably bend your rehab knee to around 90 degrees in a supported position I also suggest the following: fix a band to a squat rack at knee height – move yourself around 2m out from the rack and face so that you are sideways to the rack – if you held the band with two hands in formt of you it is now under considerable tension. Put yourself in a kneeling lunge position – one leg on ground and one up both at no less than 90 Degree bends you can relax this out further to say 110-120 for comfort – now grasping the band in front of you under tensions -turn your torso towards the rack – easing the tension then while tensing your midsection move your trunk back to it starting position holding the band in isometric tension for a count of 10 – do 5 reps then swap over lunge side – using a band you will build excelent core dynamic strength.

Also utilise parallel bars and gymnsastic rings if available to dynamically work your upper body and core while not involving lower limbs – rope climbing using upper body only is also an exceptionally good workout.

Reverse hyperextensions either on a machine if you have one available or on a swiss ball on a bench if not will round out your trunk work and as stated above plenty of one leg (the good one!) work will keep neural input to the rehabing leg going well!

Good luck

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