Re: Training while in rehab


G’day kosterzoo

Most of it has been said. I agree with the use of the compex and we use it if our guys are off there feet.

Ash’s plans for the weights look good. However, if a player is limited by how much they can move around I usually have them perform more sets on fewer exercises initially until they become more mobile around the gym.

For cardio we will do something like grinder or rower (just sitting there and pulling without the use of legs). We will also intersperse little ab or seated DB combos throughout the cardio session, For example;

DB Front Raise x 8
DB Curl & Press x 4es
DB Bentover Row x 8
DB Alt Press x 4es

Complete with a 1:1 work to rest ratio for 3-4 sets, 2-3 times throughout the cardio session.

We will also do swimming with a pool buoy around the legs.

For lower body other than what has been mentioned we will do low level hip/leg exercises such as side lying leg lifts or big kick band work.

Good luck with the rehab