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@ashley 474 wrote:

Hi there Kosterzoo, we do a lot of upper body circuits for a lower body injured player, ensuring that we keep training the uninjured limb so as to keep a neural stimulus travelling to the injured non trained limb as well, so lots of leg press, extensions and curls and single leg squats with support either swiss ball against a wall or hanging onto a pole for support, I keep the reps up fairly high, 15’s – 20’s, and will do this 3 non consecutive days each week, for upper body, I will do a full rule of 24 on pushing/pushing on Monday/Wednesday/Friday, followed by a body weight circuit or pushing on Mon, pulling on Wed and either a combo push/pull on Fri or a circuit:


8 x 3 Band Bench Press s/s Prone Row

6 x 4 Incline Bench Press s/s Pulldown to Chest

4 x 6 Floor Press s/s One Arm DB Row

3 x 8 Seated DB Shoulder Press s/s Seated DB One Arm Snatch

2 x 12 Dips s/s Chins

1 x 24 Hindu Push ups s/s Fat man chins

Swiss Ball Leg Raises

Full Upper Body Circuit

Hindu Push ups/Chin ups/Dips/Fat man chins continuous to failure or near failure each time for a set time say 30 minutes

As for conditioning we would primarily use a grinder either interval or continuous, say 45 seconds hard grind with 15 second rest x 30, or 20 minutes continuous or 15 second hard 15 seconds easy then 30/30 then 45/45 then 60/60, we are about to take delivery of a rope climb machine that will be fantastic for additional upper body conditioning.

Hope that helps out a wee bit, I am sure the other guys can add to this, cheers, ash

Thanks Ash! Just so you know i’ve been doing the other workout you recommended for me with great results…already after 2-3weeks my bench had gone up 5kgs and my cleans have improved greatly also so while it will suck not to be able to continue with that I’ll definitely be back on it once this rehab stuff is out the way.

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