Re: Training while in rehab


Hi there Kosterzoo, we do a lot of upper body circuits for a lower body injured player, ensuring that we keep training the uninjured limb so as to keep a neural stimulus travelling to the injured non trained limb as well, so lots of leg press, extensions and curls and single leg squats with support either swiss ball against a wall or hanging onto a pole for support, I keep the reps up fairly high, 15’s – 20’s, and will do this 3 non consecutive days each week, for upper body, I will do a full rule of 24 on pushing/pushing on Monday/Wednesday/Friday, followed by a body weight circuit or pushing on Mon, pulling on Wed and either a combo push/pull on Fri or a circuit:


8 x 3 Band Bench Press s/s Prone Row

6 x 4 Incline Bench Press s/s Pulldown to Chest

4 x 6 Floor Press s/s One Arm DB Row

3 x 8 Seated DB Shoulder Press s/s Seated DB One Arm Snatch

2 x 12 Dips s/s Chins

1 x 24 Hindu Push ups s/s Fat man chins

Swiss Ball Leg Raises

Full Upper Body Circuit

Hindu Push ups/Chin ups/Dips/Fat man chins continuous to failure or near failure each time for a set time say 30 minutes

As for conditioning we would primarily use a grinder either interval or continuous, say 45 seconds hard grind with 15 second rest x 30, or 20 minutes continuous or 15 second hard 15 seconds easy then 30/30 then 45/45 then 60/60, we are about to take delivery of a rope climb machine that will be fantastic for additional upper body conditioning.

Hope that helps out a wee bit, I am sure the other guys can add to this, cheers, ash