Re: Weekly Plan for off season (pdf)


I am anxious to know what peoples opinions on pre season training not strength power etc in gym but on field conditioning. I am involved with Gaelic Football. I saw a high level team last week that did 3 x 1 mile in 6-30 mins 5 min rest x 3 then circuit training immediately. My own view is that if you train slow you play slow and secondly use the ball as much as possible and construct conditioning drill to suit the game. I do not see the sense of running three miles when you can construct conditioned games that will get the game effect re twists turns,fast runs,rest etc. i think that we are playing a multi sprint multi directional game therefore we should train that way. I have avoided here giving the work load as that is not the issue. I know Mourinho did this with Chelsea. I can see perhaps a value in long runs in terms of team building mental strength etc. I really would like to read peoples views on this

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