Re: Workout Option – Hybrid Session


Hi Guys,

Thanks Ash, looks like a killer workout and will try it out with my boys. Our winters sometimes limits the amount of days we can spend on the field,so over the past couple of years I have put together a similar hybrid session that i use as a conditioning session in the gym. It consists of 4 stations that I build up over 4 weeks. Starting with 2 stations, adding one every other 2 weeks. My boys are 18-20yrs,so it takes a bit of time to get them ready for this. The session aims to by 60 minutes, with each station taking 12-15minutes. I use time, or sometimes prescribed sets and reps.

Station 1: Rowing Tabata Intervals – 20 x 20sec on, 10sec off (travelling 100m every time)…thanks ash for this one!

Station 2: Beastly Circuit: Dead lift, Power Clean, Push Press, Overhead Squat, Bent Row, Push up. 6 reps each, 36 reps in a row. Set 1&2 @ 45kg; Set 3&4 @ 55kg; Set 5&6 @ 65kg

Station 3: Strength Circuit: Chain Zercher Squat, Floor Press, Farmers walk, Standing overhead press, DB 1-arm snatch (all heavy, 3-5 reps each, 4-5 rounds)

Station 4: Core Strength circuit: turkish get-up, DB roll-out, Elbow side crunch, Med-ball wall throws, plate combo of normal/reverse/double crunch

Let me know what you guys think! Liking the circuit workouts of CrossFit (fight gone bad) as well!

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