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4 Health and Wellness Blogs You Need to Follow Right Now

Team Getstrength Blog

Following health and wellness blogs is a great and easy step toward improving your quality of life. However, not every blog caters to all tastes. Here are 4 different health and wellness blogs to follow that will shed new light on age-old topics, and teach you ways to incorporate a healthy lifestyle into your routine […]


Values – How they can hold us back

John Rahme Strength Training Articles

“John, go home”, “Look at yourself, you are sick. You need to go home and get better.” I nod my head in submissive realisation that he is probably correct. I was not well. I had a severe head cold. My ears were ringing, my nose was constricted forcing me to mouth breath only and to […]


Make Your Body Your Training Ally: Increasing HGH To Build Muscle Mass

Team Getstrength Strength Training Articles

Make Your Body Your Training Ally: Increasing HGH To Build Muscle Mass With controversy over doping scandals constantly in the news, many people raise concerns when human growth hormone (HGH) is mentioned for its role in strength training. Unless you’re a competitive athlete, there’s no reason why HGH activating peptides can’t be used as part […]


Level 4 going up

John Rahme Blog, Strength Training Articles

Dedicated to a man I have known for many years who has worked in true honesty and grown as a human being. An inspiration of what a person can achieve. A man I am honoured to have as a friend. – To Dion. Currently I am engaged by a company to help, assist and support […]

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Can You Run and Build Muscle at the Same Time?

Team Getstrength Strength Training Articles

This is a question that plagues many athletes. Many people assume that running and weightlifting don’t work well together. If done right, these two sports in conjunction can help you achieve your fitness goals. Read on to learn more about running and building muscle simultaneously. The Short Answer: Yes You can absolutely run while gaining […]


You’re Out

John Rahme Blog, Strength Training Articles

Going through a very rough patch of ill health or misfortune takes its toll on you physically but even more so mentally. At times, when you have been ill or unwell you don’t have the time to stop and think about what you are thinking about and analyse it. You are generally unaware of whether […]


How to Increase Endurance if You’re Lifting Weights

Team Getstrength Strength Training Articles

Lifting weights helps you build your muscle strength, but if you want that strength to be beneficial in some other activities as well, such as group sports or running everyday errands, you have to build your endurance too. Your stamina plays a significant role in your overall fitness level and performance and to be able […]


Thoughts to fail our minds

John Rahme Blog, Strength Training Articles

Do you have any questions or need support? John is happy to help, please visit his site for more information. Website: neptune or Email: John.rahme@neptune.net.au × Dismiss alert I must open up this piece of writing with a statement to let you the reader know of my academical status and also make you aware of […]

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