Online Personal Training


Achieve your physique goals with our personalised, one-on-one online Personal Trainers.

Most online trainers deliver a program that they say is “personalised” but is sent to 100’s of other athletes online. Our remote coaching program is written for you by us and customised just for your needs.

In an online program design/coaching program you will receive:

  • Monthly programming delivered to you
  • Weekly video review of your lifts
  • Get real-world training advice.
  • Correct cycle loads and reps
  • Flexible programming
  • Correct exercise descriptions and video technique delivered to your phone.
  • Access to our private facebook group where you can share with my other online clients and get even more feedback.
  • Instant messenger is available within the workout app.


It depends on you as a individual. You need to make this decision.

If you need someone to be there in person to help motivate you throughout your workouts, help to correct technique during the exercise, or diagnose injuries or imbalances, you really need to see local gym instructor,

If however, you are looking for a trainer to plan a long-term training strategy for you, keep you accountable every day, stop you from make making bad workout decisions and be there to tweak form, programming, weigh load and volume etc and ensure you keep moving towards your target goals; then online personal training is well worth the consideration.

Get Easy Access To Your Personal Trainer

Your online personal trainer is always only one click away! So if you have any questions or need training support, you will always have your trainer in the palm of your hands to help you stay on track CONSTANT MOTIVATION. Stay focused and consistent with your workouts and diet with regular encouragement from your trainer.
BREAK THROUGH PLATEAUS AND TECHNIQUE ADJUSTMENT Your online personal trainer will be there to support you and help break through plateaus, correct form and make sure you continue making great progress.
PROGRAMMING AND EXERCISE QUESTIONS. Have a question about your custom program or exercise technique? Need help with your nutrition plan? Just instant message your online personal trainer for help.



New Train Anywhere Programming. (MOST POPULAR)

No gym membership required.
No Equipment needed
No Cardio gear needed.

Just your body and your time. Learn the skills to train anywhere anytime.

Online Strength Power Training

This will involve custom training cycles/programs, video analysts, goal and target setting, and so much more.
Includes R.I.R and R.P.E Training methods. G.P.P Will also be implemented. (You will develop the skills to build your own program in the future.)

Become your Kid’s Super Hero.
Ideal for busy Dads, programming will include 25 – 40 min quick Resistance and Cardio Sessions.
Will include some programs from the Train Anywhere Program.
Guaranteed to help with motivation and lose weight, stay fit and keep healthy.
Start keeping up with your kids.

12 Week Challenge.


6 Sessions Per Week.

Conditioning Specific Programming.

GPP Training
SLED Dragging
Medicine Ball Work
Drills and Sprints
Band Eccentric Training


Steve Thompson
Your Online Coach

I am a New Zealand Powerlifting Record holder and founder of I competed in two IPF World Powerlifting Championships. I hold four New Zealand Powerlifting records and two All-round Weightlifting World records.

Competed in the sport of Powerlifting for more than 18 years. I also held two national titles in the sport of Olympic Weightlifting
Worked as a Personal Trainer at a top Auckland Gym for 8 years and was featured in NZ Fitness magazine.
Currently one of the owners of the Getstrength Gym in Onehunga, Auckland
I have been in an advisory role for International Strength and Conditioning coaches for many years. Spent a season working with the Auckland Blues and New Zealand Warriors.
A published author on the subject of Strength and Conditioning.

Extensive experience — Time served under the bar! There is a critical difference between knowledge and the experience to know what to do with it. I have coached elite powerlifters to World Champs , Bodybuilders, busy Dads, Police , via email and one on one, as my full-time job, since 2001
• Proven track record — I have trained over 1000+ clients


Ok, what now

Step 1 – Initial Application

Step 2 – Setup subscription and download our communication app

Step 3 – Medical Questionnaire 

Step 4 – In-depth question sheet for the custom program including short-term and long-terms goals.

Step 5 – We ask you to video a few lifts for technique and guidance

Step 6 – We will send you a personal video discussing your program and goals

Step 7 – Test Week 1RM / Body Stats / New Short and Long Term Goal Setting

Step 8 – Programming starts

Sorry, but at this time we are only taking on 10 new online members

Please fill in the short questionnaire to help us build your program. We are looking for enthusiastic dedicated people. Please note available to all beginner’s through to elite athletes. 

Normal Cost $̶9̶9̶   Now only $29 per week – Cancel anytime no questions asked.



I know its expensive, but my clients say it’s worth every cent!

Its a fraction of what you will pay for a full time Personal Trainer at your local gym.

I am not going to make an excuse for the price, I will save you time, effort and money in the long run. We will achieve your goals.

What you don’t spend on fancy powders and pills and all the other rubbish you don’t need, you will invest in my support to get you strong, fit and healthy naturally and know how to maintain this forever. That’s the key..