Re: ASCA national conference presentation


Hey there Yed, we have most of our guys proficient enough on lifts before they do the circuit so no fall overs yet, get a copy of Louie’s book on Westside principles, it is outstanding, go to his web site, costs about $50 USD, he has also printed information especially in Powerlifting USA about the application of his principles to Olympic lifting, very interesting indeed, he is the king on bands so i will let him discuss the best use of bands, we introduce gradually initially doing a session with just the bar and bands and no additional loading to gte a feel for the movmeent and the speed, then we start with 40% of 1RM, we will be using a Tendo UNit this year to accurately assess the amount of addtional loading on the barbell to get the speeds we require for progress, cheers, ashley

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