Re: Best Posterior Chain Exercises


Personally i would only use high volumes of these types of exercises when running (be it sprinting or conditioning work) is at the low end. These types of exercises are very demanding on the main muscles involved in running mechanics.

My preffered list-
glute ham raise
reverse hyper
romanian deadlift
and a drill shown to me by Frans Bosch…you are on a glute ham bench with legs straight, upper body leaning over pads. You then remove one leg from the roller pads. This is the set-up…now you perform 3-8 reps of back extensions-you will feel this immediately in the hamstrings. Frans believes in training the hamstring muscle in a lengthened position.

Specifically i would target these muscles groups at the beginning of pre-season period so as to ‘condition’ them for the higher velocity work to come. Then further on through the pre-season rotate them so as to maintain the benefits. FYI I would never train the lower body more than twice per week at any stage of the annual plan (unless rehab demanded it).