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Pesonally I think Beta Alanine is a must, the Reactivate does not have
enough in the formula, Rampage by Metaphysics is very good, use of
BCAA’s during your workout is very important, if you go to and go into the super store you will se the highest
ranked protein, a very goods site to get the info you nesed, ashley

Don’t know if its available in Aus/ NZ/ SA but a barnd called REFLEX have a cracking range of products stretching Mineral/ Vitamin/ Herbal stuff through to Whey products, Creatine products etc.

Minimalist packaging, very good value and most importantly dies what it says on the tin!! I’m currently using the following which I find works:-

Reflex Whey Protein (Breakfast and post training)- tasty/ smooth/ mixes well. Does make you feel better throughout the day and does help take away CARB pangs if you’re looking to trim down etc. Follow the advice on Protein usage- 1g per Kg of BW enough and does reap recovery rewards well.

Reflex Tri-phase Matrix (pre game/ training)- Mixture of Creatine/ Caffeine/ Beta-Alanine as well as Amino Acids. Works big time. Beta Alanine is Creatine for endurance and it works!!

ZMA- (Before bed time) Promotes deep sleep and recovery. Works.

Finally its widely available and cheap and cheerful but a powdered Lucozade isotonic/ carb drink powder available at most Supermarkets is great pre/ during/ post game and does help in overall performancer and recovery. Its amazing how much “day after game” soreness seems to be rooted around de-hydration and carb depletion- a good fix of this after the game as well as a protein drink make a massive difference.

Works for me.



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