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Re: Bigger, Stronger, Quicker The Eternal triangle of conditioning to play back row in Ru


Hey Ash,

Ive just signed up to the site and have started to have a go at the backrowers program you’ve provided in this thread. Thanks for the sharing such a good program im really excited to see some results in the future! I just have a couple of questions about some exercises in the program that ive been having trouble figuring out:

Firstly im having trouble figuring out the ladder and hurdle routines, as i dont understand the terms lateral and forward series, and im unsure on what kind of exercises/sets/reps/rest periods they intale. I am also pretty unfamiliar with the marching skipping and running techniques on the hurdles if you could possibly outline them for me (i may be thinking too deeply about them).

Secondly i am unable to get my hands on the tyre to flip for the tyre flip sets and was wondering if you could suggest some exercises that may be a good substitute (maybe things lying around the house, or a body weight exercise).

Hopefully im not asking too many questions. Thanks, Ben