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Bigger, Stronger, Quicker The Eternal triangle of conditioning to play back row in Ru

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    Not a problem at all Jim since Louie has had a massive influence on the
    way I now see the area of strength and power training, enjoy yourself,
    it will be an awesome experience for you, cheers, ash


    @molonyjim 1132 wrote:


    I’m heading over to Westside Barbell for 6 weeks and was wondering if it would be ok if I showed Louie some of the programs?

    Feel free to send on any questions of your own.


    Fair play mate, good to see you’re keen to learn


    Hi Ash

    I have been following the above programme that you gave. I am going to be band for 6 weeks, what programme would you recommend for the six weeks i am band for.


    Is being banned, banned from playing but still training with your team
    or will you not be able to train with the team, ash


    Hi Ash,

    I can still train with the team but can not play for 6 weeks.
    Can you please outline what i can do has a programme for the 6 weeks.



    Hi Ash,

    Dont know if you had my last message? Would it be possibe if you could put together a programme for six weeks including weights, speed and fitness please. It would be a great help

    Much apreciated



    My response was firstly I need to know what you most need to work on and
    then we can tailor something to your needs, as you will be trianing with
    your team still, maybe you can take a repeated speed and speed sessions
    on the end of each training run, cheers, ashley


    Hi Ash,

    Would this be ok for the six weeks i am out for?

    Im 5ft 10in, 93 kilos running the 2400 meters in 8mins 55 seconds

    Monday- Speed/Lower Power Upper Strength and size

    Tues- Repeated Speed- 15×40 on 20 off covering over 200 meters

    Weds- Speed/ Full body power

    Thurs- Repeated Speed 15×20 on 40 off covering 140 meters

    Friday- Speed, Lower body power, Upper strength and size

    Would you recommend something like this?

    Many Thanks


    That looks perfect, since your aerobic fitness is so good you could also have the Tuesday off so it does not impact on your Wednesday speed session and alternate those sessions weekly on the Thursday, but overall your plan is excellent, well done, now put it into action, ashley


    Hey Ash,

    First off, your knowledge is greatly appreciated and this site is my go to for rugby specific training. Thank you. Second, I just have a but of confusion on the monday and friday lifting sessions.
    I understand the 3 week progressions and rep schemes, but I don’t quite grasp the actual program set up. Is the general layout something like this?

    a. Squats s/s with upper press with the attached rep schemes


    B. Full body exercise (snatch)
    C. another squat variation?
    D. Hamstring/lower back (GHD)
    E. 2 different s/s of push pull

    Or am I miss-reading the program?? If you or anyone could steer me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated!




    Hey dillon, as I understand it the session is set up as follows

    Warm up
    1 – Full body exercise (e.g power snatch)
    2 – Squat
    3 – Posterior chain (exercises 1-3 use the 3 week strength progression)
    4a – Upper body push
    4b – Upper body pull
    5a – upper body push
    5b – upper body pull

    The UB push/pull supersets use the different rep ranges on monday and friday as outlined in the pdf


    Dear Ashley, I have a question regarding the upper body part of the Full body strength workout.

    The 2nd and 3rd week you prescribe waves (531 and 54321). I take it I finish 1 wave with lets say a military press and then follow directly with pull ups? Instead of doing 5 presses/5 pull ups, 3 presses/3 pull ups, 1 press/1 pull up? Or would you advise the latter?

    Thank you very much!

    Geert van Mourik
    The Netherlands

Viewing 12 posts - 31 through 42 (of 42 total)
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