Re: Body Part Splits


For rugby purposes a lower/upper body split is fine. You will find it near impossible to pack on serious muscle without a split similar to that. Further split into arms/chest/back etc is not necessary in my opinion unless you are a bodybuilder.

Also too much variation for athletes with a training age sub 5 years can halt progress. Poliquin states that the upper body needs more variation and that leg workouts should be changed every 6 work outs and that they need less variation.

In pre-season this year my players had 2 leg workouts per week which were the same and then 3 upper body sessions which were all different. One was horizontal push/pull, the other vertical push/pull and the third was a mixture of grip training and arm work.

Any of the articles on here by Ash are a great resource to see how a weekly split can be set out.