Re: Box jump height for contrast training


Hi Tom, fully understand the question and it is something that I am constantly working on with my players, since the program is a 3 week progression, using a linear progression, I want to develop a little power endurance in the first week hence the 10’s but as you say it is all relative, I have played around with using different heights based on a maximum effort jump height and percentages, as you said your max being around 101 cms and 10’s being around 60 – 70% of 1RM I would say that a box height of 60- 70 cms would be about right for this week, then increase the height each week for 3 weeks, but if you are more advanced you may want to try a more reactive jump and go down and up as quickly as you can for the reps then a lower box height will be needed, there is no problem in having 2 or 3 boxes set up and as you feel the reactivity decreasing drop to a shorter box, ideally we would all have force platforms, check out the Performance Force Platform at and the Ballistic Measuring Systems software and products at and then as we detect an increase in ground dwell time above a threshhold level say 300 miliseconds then we would adjust the box height till then we will just have to have a keen look at what players are doing and adjust subjectively as we go, cheers, ash