Re: clean catching position


@bris83 119 wrote:

Try having a bar racked up with a lot of weight (90-100kgs) then just unrack the bar in the front squat position without actually doing a front squat and just stand there. Try and keep increasing the range of your elbows. Also if you train with a partner they can stand behind you and gradually push your elbows through a bit more. Hold this position for roughly 30s-60s.

Let me know how you get on.


Nice Tom, great idea I would also add mayb be doing some partial range heavy front squats out of the power rack with the pins set up arount 1/4 or 1/8 depth and start from the bar resting on these pins, set you yourself up in a good solid starting positiion elbows up and slightly turned towards each other and then keep the chest high and drive through the heels to the standing position, lower slowly and re-set, a set of 5 is actually 5 singles with only a short rest between each, cheers, ashley